Guitare – Découverte Gibson SG ´61 Standard TT

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The Gibson SG ’61 Standard TT, a coveted electric guitar, emerges as a testament to the iconic legacy of Gibson. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this instrument embodies the essence of rock ‘n’ roll royalty. Its resonant mahogany body, fiery P-90 pickups, and vibrant cherry finish ignite a symphony of sound that captivates audiences and leaves an indelible mark on the musical landscape.


In the pantheon of electric guitars, the Gibson SG ’61 Standard TT stands as a hallowed icon. Its sleek lines, potent pickups, and undeniable charisma have etched its name into the annals of rock history. Dive into the depths of this exceptional instrument, exploring its captivating features and the enduring allure that makes it a legend among musicians worldwide.

Legendary Mahogany Body

  • Resonant and Sustaining: The Gibson SG’s mahogany body resonates deeply, delivering a rich, full-bodied tone. Its chambered design enhances sustain, allowing notes to reverberate with extended clarity and presence.
  • Lightweight and Comfortable: Mahogany’s lightweight nature provides exceptional comfort during prolonged playing sessions, especially when paired with the SG’s double-cutaway design.
  • Exceptional Tonal Versatility: The inherent tonal qualities of mahogany lend themselves to a wide range of musical genres, from classic rock to blues and even jazz.
  • Mahogany Neck: The guitar’s mahogany neck provides warmth, punch, and stability, ensuring precise articulation and a balanced response across the entire frequency spectrum.

Fiery P-90 Pickups

  • Classic Gibson Tone: The Gibson SG’s single-coil P-90 pickups emit a raw, aggressive tone that has defined countless rock anthems. Their muscular mids and sizzling highs evoke an unmistakable vintage vibe.
  • Dynamic Range: P-90s are renowned for their exceptional dynamic range, responding sensitively to different picking techniques and offering a nuanced spectrum of sounds from clean to overdriven.
  • Exceptional Clarity: Even with high levels of gain, P-90s retain remarkable clarity and articulation, ensuring every note cuts through the mix with precision.
  • Versatile Tonal Options: The Gibson SG’s two P-90 pickups provide a wide array of tonal possibilities, from searing leads to chunky rhythm tones.

Vibrant Cherry Finish

  • Classic Aesthetic: The Gibson SG’s cherry finish pays homage to the iconic look of vintage guitars. Its rich, lustrous hue exudes an air of timeless elegance.
  • Glossy Protection: The high-gloss finish not only enhances the guitar’s visual appeal but also provides a durable barrier against scratches and wear.
  • Enhanced Resonance: The finish contributes to the guitar’s overall resonance, imparting a subtle yet noticeable warmth to its tonal character.
  • Historical Significance: The cherry finish harks back to the early days of the Gibson SG, when this color scheme was synonymous with the model’s bold and rebellious spirit.

Smooth Ebony Fingerboard

  • Enhanced Playability: The Gibson SG’s ebony fingerboard provides a smooth, responsive surface for effortless fretting and articulation.
  • Increased Clarity: Ebony’s tight grain structure enhances note definition and clarity, ensuring every note rings out with pristine precision.
  • Natural Oiling: Ebony’s natural oils promote a comfortable playing experience, reducing the need for excessive fingerboard conditioning.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The deep, dark hue of ebony adds a touch of sophistication and class to the guitar’s overall appearance.

Solid ABR-1 Tune-o-Matic Bridge

  • Precise Intonation: The Gibson SG’s ABR-1 Tune-o-Matic bridge allows for precise adjustment of string intonation, ensuring perfect tuning across the entire length of the neck.
  • Improved String Stability: The bridge’s solid construction enhances string stability, reducing the likelihood of detuning during aggressive playing or bending techniques.
  • Sustain and Resonance: The ABR-1 bridge directly transfers string vibrations to the guitar’s body, contributing to its impressive sustain and tonal resonance.
  • Vintage Aesthetic: The ABR-1 Tune-o-Matic bridge adds a touch of vintage charm to the Gibson SG’s overall design.


The Gibson SG ’61 Standard TT, a masterpiece in the world of electric guitars, captivates with its legendary mahogany body, fiery P-90 pickups, and vibrant cherry finish. Its smooth ebony fingerboard provides effortless playability, while the solid ABR-1 Tune-o-Matic bridge ensures unwavering intonation and stability. As you strum the strings of this iconic instrument, the essence of rock ‘n’ roll royalty courses through your veins, inspiring you to unleash your creativity and create musical moments that will reverberate through time.

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Guitare – Découverte Gibson SG ´61 Standard TT

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